trying follow my teachers critique etc

trying follow my teachers critique etc

Was recently tagged by one of my colleagues to do a pencil case meme thing. So I figure why not, its pretty simple and fun. I also threw in a random page from my sketchbook on how I do my mark making with these tools. I generally stay loose and just have fun scribbling down my thoughts/ideas…

(I dont expect anyone to be able to read my scribble handwritting, so dont fret about it  :P )

  • Markers 3 Copic warm shade value for quick tonal work

  • Pen Nib- For when I need sharp thin cross hatch lines

  • Water Brush- I have two of these, one is filled with water soluble black ink, While the smaller one is just water for my watercolor paint.

  • Erasers- A solid eraser for large coverage, a kneaded eraser to erase lines softly but not completely. and last a pencil eraser for small detail erasing.

  • Ruler- Pretty self explanatory. 

  • Pencils- 2 Prisma (Col-Erase, blue and red), 4B Graphite, 2B woodless graphite, and a charcoal pencil (I think its charcoal). I dont often sketch with graphite cause it gets messy, so I save it for details/outlining. Mostly use color pencils for under sketching (doesn’t smudge as much)

  • Watercolor- A Winsor Newton watercolor travel kit. Technically I don’t keep this in my case cause it takes up too much room. But I essentially use this tool almost everyday and its always next to my pencil case. Use it for quick gestural painting to just color filling some ink drawings.

  • Pens- 4 Hi-Tec-C pens (Black,Blue,Sepia,Gray), These by far are my favorite pens to use for sketching gestural stuff, such as people at the park or nature. I also have a white Pen for highlights or whiting out mistakes.

  • Pencil Sharpeners-   Pretty obvious what these are for.

  • Pencil Extender- For when your pencils get to small for your hands to properly grip (the tiny blue pencil) Helps in using every little last bit of your pencil.


I tag no one, for I am to tired to figure out who to tag. 

// Room Cleaning//

Only 1 week has passed so far for school and my room already looks like its going to implode unto itself…going to try my best to keep my room cleaned.

styles373 said: I had finally found you ;_; , I love your work and I was disappointed when you went inactive in DA as vincentwolf, luckily your style is pretty hard not to miss, so thank you for being awesome.

Hello Styles373 (interesting tumblr name!)

Ah! Sorry you had to a search, I made a post about moving to tumblr on my journal…I probably should of made a art post about it also to make sure everyone got the message. But at least you found my tumblr! so that’s better then never :).

And thank you for the comment on my art style, I am not sure how else to express it in words, so here is a doodle to help a facilitate. 

furbutt said: Hello! Just thought I'd say hi and see how school is going so far? I just started my first year of college last week and it's been pretty smooth so far. But it's only going to get harder with a computer science major. /flops/

Hello! Sorry for the slow reply, first week of the semester was pretty tiring, since I had to re-adjust my sleep clock lol.

congrats on college! I wish you the best luck! computer engineering sounds pretty intense.

I am currently majoring in illustration, junior year at the moment. As far as how school is going, its been really great! I got to see my colleagues again   and talk about whats going in the “Art World” and laugh quite a lot about stuff (odd art humor)

super quick sketch before bed

super quick sketch before bed

I start school tomorrow.
Time for no sleep and constant rebuilding yourself from scratch due to teachers critiques on your work.

I start school tomorrow.

Time for no sleep and constant rebuilding yourself from scratch due to teachers critiques on your work.

Hello! My name is Armando, but I also go by the name Vonzent. Here I blog my art, crochet, and once in a while cakes. currently in college as a illustration major.